November Seminar I

“Towards fair, diversity-aware and unbiased data management with a focus on social networks”

For decades, research in data management has focused on improving efficiency (making data access faster and lighter) and effectiveness (providing relevant results to users). As data-driven decision making becomes prevalent, there is a pending need for an additional perspective, that of responsibility. In this talk, we focus on three aspects of responsibility, namely diversity (ensuring that all perspectives are represented), lack of bias (processing data without unjustifiable concentration on a particular side), and fairness (nondiscriminatory treatment of data and people). Special emphasis will be given on how these aspects manifest themselves in social networks and on how recent research addresses them.

Location: Online
Date and Time: 06/11/2020, 11:00 – 12:00 EET
Speaker: Dr. Evaggelia Pitoura

Evaggelia Pitoura is a Professor at the University of Ioannina, Greece where she also leads the Distributed Management of Data Laboratory. She received a BSc degree from the University of Patras, Greece, and an MS and PhD degree from Purdue University, USA. Her research interests are in the area of data management systems with a recent emphasis on social networks, temporal graphs and responsible data management. Her publications include more than 150 articles in international journals (including TODS, TKDE, TPDS, PVLDB) and conferences (including SIGMOD, ICDE, EDBT, CIKM, WWW) and a highly-cited book on mobile computing. Her research has been funded by the EC and national sources. She has served or serves on the editorial board of ACM TODS, VLDBJ, TKDE, DAPD and as a group leader, senior PC member, or co-chair of many international conferences (including PC chair of EDBT 2016 and co-chair of ICDE 2012). She is the recipient of three best paper awards (ICDE 1999, DBSocial 2013, PVLDB 2013), a Marie Currie Fellowship (2009) and two Recognition of Service Awards from ACM.