CyCAT holds monthly seminars in this topic and that one. Our seminars are held online where viewers can ask questions. Most of our past seminars can be watched here.

Algorithm Watchdog

As part of an ongoing initiative, supported by the CyCAT EU-funded project, we are establishing a watchdog activity that will bring together interdisciplinary experts to produce recommendations for the oversight of algorithms used in application domains that are increasingly having profound socio economic impact. We envision that this watchdog will initially operate as an informal forum to discuss current problems that arise from the use of algorithms, especially those that raise privacy,... Read More

17 March 2021 4:00 pm (GMT)


2 hours

CyCAT WinterSchool

The Winter School: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics (FATE) in AI aims to cover topics related to AI systems and promote the multidisciplinarity of FATE, with an emphasis on human-centered AI. Participants will benefit from understanding the diverse perspectives of others involved in the above topics. The FATE in AI Winter School is targeting Postgraduate students at Masters and PhD levels, and early career postdoctoral researchers. The disciplines of the students and... Read More

11 January 2021 1:00 pm (CET)



Prof. Joanna Bryson, Hertie School of Governance
Prof. Michael Rovatsos, University of Edinburgh
Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento
Prof. Tsvika Kuflik, University of Haifa
Prof. Jahna Otterbacher, Open University of Cyprus
Casey Dugan, IBM
Dr. Frank Hopfgartner, University of Sheffield
Dr. Jo Bates, University of Sheffield
Dr. Styliani Kleanthous, Open University of Cyprus


CyCAT Inaugural Event

Inaugural Event to Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency's Seminar Series on Algorithmic Fairness, Accountability and Transparency. About this Event The Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) is hosting an inaugural seminar to its seminar series, which includes a number of talks by CyCAT's coordinator and partners. All times are EEST 16.00 Welcome: Key challenges in the CyCAT project by Jahna Otterbacher , Open University of Cyprus (CyCAT's Coordinator) 16.10 Educating... Read More

15 October 2020 4:00 pm (EEST)



Jahna Otterbacher
Maria Kasinidou
Styliani Kleanthous
Michalinos Zembylas
Kalia Orphanou
Avital Shulner Tal
Tsvika Kuflik
Frank Hopfgartner
Michael Rovatsos
Lena Podoletz

2 hours and 15 minutes