Meeting at the University of Trento

Stella Kleanthous (CYENS-fAIre), Jahna Otterbacher (CyCAT & CYENS-fAIre), Maria Kasinidou (OUC PhD Candidate & CyCAT) and Kyriakos Kyriakou (OUC PhD Candidate & CYENS-fAIre) from Open University of Cyprus and CYENS, and Mayukh Bagchi, (UniTn PhD candidate), Xiaolei Diao (UniTn PhD candidate), Hadi M Y Khalilia (UniTn PhD candidate), Ali Hamza (UniTn MSc student & UniTn research assistant), Simone Bocca (UniTn PhD candidate), Matteo Busso (UniTn PhD candidate) and Pavel Shvaiko (UniTn collaborator) from the University of Trento attended the meeting hosted by prof Fausto Giunchiglia at the University of Trento, Italy (28/11-2/12/2022).


The meeting aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two teams and prepare DataScientia event and scientific workshop which will take place in April 2023 at the University of Trento. 


28 November 2022 12:00 am (GMT)

University of Trento