Opportunity 1

“Analysing racism in search results”

In an existing study (Otterbacher, J., Bates, J. and Clough, P.D. (2017) Competent Men and Warm Women: Gender Stereotypes and Backlash in Image Search Results), we analysed gender stereotypes in image search results. The aim of this project is to explore other areas of discrimination. In particular, in light of the recent focus on racial equality, we would like to study potential race biases and stereotypical views emerging from online information access services, especially those involving AI and ML. 

A particular deliverable should result, e.g., a research paper, a white paper, a demonstration, etc. If travelling is allowed, CyCAT will support (via STSE) the travelling costs of the researcher to Cyprus or to Sheffield for presenting the research results at a CyCAT meeting. If travelling will not be allowed, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the collaboration and the presentation of the results will be done remotely.