Intelligent User Interfaces for Algorithmic Transparency in Emerging Technologies

The workshop focus is on Algorithmic Transparency (AT) in Emerging Technologies. Naturally, the user interface is where and how the Algorithmic Transparency should occur and the challenge we aim at is how intelligent user interfaces can make a system transparent to its users.


The actual time of the workshop will be confirmed at a later stage.


The workshop outline – submissions

The primary goal of this workshop was to gather both an academic and industry participation in order to attract the attention of an interdisciplinary audience that includes researchers and professionals working in the fields of IUI, Recommender Systems, Adaptation and Personalization, User Experience, and User-centered Tools for promoting AT.

The submissions to the workshop varied greatly and covered the following topics:

  • transparency of advice-giving system
  • algorithmic transparency of conversational agents,
  • dimensions of transparency (auditability andexplainability)
  • transparency of educational recommendations
  • transparency in augmented reality.Research domains include educational domain, augmented reality and conversational agents.
    This half-day workshop includes two sessions for presenting accepted papers. Since three of them take a more theoretical perspective at transparency/opinions/features of transparency, the first session will be dedicated to Frameworks for Transparency, where researchers will present different dimension and definitions of transparency in various systems. While three other accepted papers are focused on designing a UI/UX, bearing in mind transparency concept, the second session will be focused on Designing for Transparency.

The intent of the workshop is to have a fruitful discussion on AT in Emerging Technologies. Furthermore, the desire is to come up with directions to some general definition of transparencyconcept, based on the papers that are presented during the workshop.



Organizing Committee

Styliani Kleanthous, Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency, Open University of Cyprus & RISE LTD, Cyprus Tsvi Kuflik, University of Haifa
Jahna Otterbacher, Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency, Open University of Cyprus & RISE LTD, Cyprus Alan Hartman, University of Haifa
Casey Dugan, IBM
Veronika Bogina, University of Haifa

Program Committee

Robin Burke, University of Colorado
Elizabeth M. Daly, IBM
Gianluca Demartini, The University of Queensland Michael Ekstrand, Boise State University
Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento
Judy Kay, The University of Sydney
Tak Yeon Lee, Adobe Research
Ilaria Liccardi, MIT
Alicja Piotrkowicz, University of Leeds
Michael Rovatsos, The University of Edinburgh Cristina Sarasua, University of Zurich
Andreas Theodorou, University of Bath

20 March 2019 9:00 am (PST)

IUI 2019, Los Angeles, USA