Michalinos Zembylas, Senior Researcher

Open University of Cyprus

Educational Theory, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies

Michalinos Zembylas is a Professor of Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies at the Open University of Cyprus. He is also Honorary Professor at Nelson Mandela University in the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation. He has written extensively on emotion and affect in relation to social justice pedagogies, intercultural and peace education, human rights education and citizenship education. His recent books include: Psychologized Language in Education: Denaturalizing a Regime of Truth (with Z. Bekerman), and Socially Just Pedagogies in Higher Education (co-edited with V. Bozalek, R. Braidotti, and T. Shefer). In 2016, he received the Distinguished Researcher Award in “Social Sciences and Humanities” from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.

Paper by Michalinos:

Professional standards for teachers and school leaders: Interrogating the entanglement of affect and biopower in standardizing processes