Michael Rovatsos, Advanced Partner

University of Edinburgh

Artificial Intelligence

Michael Rovatsos is a Reader at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Bayes Centre, the University's innovation centre for Data Science and AI. He has a track record of over 90 publications in AI (mostly in multiagent systems, automated planning, and adaptive online collaboration platforms) , and has been involved in externally funded projects worth over £17m, out of which he has personally held £2.5m as PI. His current work focuses on developing fair resource allocation algorithms, conducting empirical research into users' perceptions of algorithmic fairness, and developing AI-assisted methods for the ethical self-regulation of online platforms. He is an Associate Editor of the Knowledge and Information Systems Journal, was recently Blue Sky Track Co-Chair of the AAMAS 2018 conference, and is Conference Coordinator for ACM SIGAI. He obtained his PhD in Informatics from the Technical University of Munich in 2004.

Paper by Michael:

Diversity-Aware Recommendation for Human Collectives