CyCAT holds monthly seminars in this topic and that one. Our seminars are held online where viewers can ask questions. Most of our past seminars can be watched here.

What do deep neural networks know?

Abstract In this talk I will discuss my work using computational models to understand human and animal cognition as well as how to understand the inner workings of other computational models. How can computational modelling help us open up black boxes and help us understand classification done by pigeons as well as that done by machines? I will explain what computational modelling is and how we can use deep neural networks to model human and animal categorisation. In addition, I will show... Read More

16 July 2019 10:00 am (GMT+3)

RISE, PwC Julia House, Nicosia (Ground Floor)


Dr. Olivia Guest

1 hour

Fairness in User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (FairUMAP 2019)

Personalization has become a ubiquitous and essential part of systems that help users find relevant information in today’s highly complex information-rich online environments. Machine learning, recommender systems, and user modeling are key enabling technologies that allow intelligent systems to learn from users and adapt their output to users’ needs and preferences. However, there has been a growing recognition that these underlying technologies raise novel ethical, legal, and policy... Read More

9 June 2019 9:00 am (GMT+3)

UMAP 2019, Larnaca, Cyprus


Dr. Peter Brusilovsky (invited speaker)
Dr. Nava Tintarev (invited speaker)

CyCAT Webinar: Recommender Systems as the Lens of Life

Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency – CyCAT announces its next seminar on: “Recommender Systems as the Lens of Life" with Frank Hopfgartner, Senior Lecturer in Data Science at Sheffield University, UK.   The webinar will be held on Friday, May 24, 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +3) and is intended to engage researchers, academics and students. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a 15-minute open discussion. Presentation Abstract: Increasingly, algorithms have a strong... Read More

24 May 2019 3:00 pm (GMT+3)



Dr Frank Hopfgartner, Information School of University of Sheffield

1 hour