CyCAT holds monthly seminars in this topic and that one. Our seminars are held online where viewers can ask questions. Most of our past seminars can be watched here.

European Researchers’ Night

“Sister” research teams Fairness and Ethics in AI-Human Interaction (CYENS CoE) and CyCAT will participate in the 16th European Researchers’ Night.  The European Researchers' Night will take place on Friday, September 30, from 09:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening at Eleftheria Squares, and is organized by the Research and Innovation Foundation in collaboration with the main bodies from the field of research, innovation and business in Cyprus. The European Researchers'... Read More

30 September 2022 9:00 am (GMT)

Eleftheria Square

13 Hours

Keynote talk by Associate Professor Jahna Otterbacher at the 14th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence

Associate Professor Jahna Otterbacher, Head of the Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) and co-leader of the research group “fAIre - Fairness and Ethics in AI- Human Interaction” at the CYENS Centre of Excellence, has been invited to deliver a keynote talk entitled "Bias in Data and Algorithms: Problems, Solutions and Stakeholders" at the 14th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence (ICCCI 2022). The Conference will be held on... Read More

28 September 2022 10:00 am (GMT)



Dr Jahna Otterbacher

Algorithmic Watchdog

We are pleased to invite you to our third workshop which will explore how Algorithm Watchdogs could contribute towards the objectives of the emerging EU regulatory framework on AI. This is the third workshop in a series where we designed a methodology for an algorithm watchdog in collaboration with experts from academia and industry based on discussions on real-world issues around algorithmic fairness, transparency, and accountability in domains such as employment and online information... Read More

22 September 2021 6:00 pm (EEST)


2 Hours