February Seminar

“Agency, Accounts and Accountability: Putting the Social into Explainable AI”

I will examine what delivering explainable AI (xAI) means in practice, particularly in contexts that involve formal or informal and ad-hoc collaboration where agency and accountability in decision-making are achieved and sustained socially and interactionally. As an illustration, I will use an example from an earlier study of collaborative decision-making in screening mammography of how the participants make themselves accountable to one another. I conclude by setting out a study programme for future research to help advance our understanding of xAI requirements.

Location: Online
Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cycat-february-seminar-tickets-128228170911
Date and Time: 05/02/2020, 16:00 – 17:00 EET
Speaker: Prof. Rob Procter

Rob Procter is Professor of Social Informatics in the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick. Rob is also a Faculty Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and AI, where he co-chairs the social data science interest group. Social Informatics is the study of the factors that shape processes of appropriation (design, development and adoption) of ICTs. Rob’s current research interests include: algorithmic platform lab our work and the digital precariat; rumour detection and veracity checking; impact of AI on work; requirements for explainable AI; and practice and policy for social media governance.