Maria Kasinidou, PhD Candidate

Open University of Cyprus

Human Computer Interaction, AI Education, AI literacy

Maria received her B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus in 2018, and her M.Sc. degree in Human-Computer from the University of Bath in 2019. She is currently a researcher at the Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) at the Open University of Cyprus. Maria is currently pursuing a PhD through the Open University of Cyprus. Her PhD topic focuses on "Promoting AI literacy for the public". Her PhD topics tackles the pressing need for AI literacy, she aims to investigate how different groups of the society perceive AI and developing educational activities for the promotion of AI literacy based on their different needs.

Paper by Maria:

I agree with the decision, but they didn't deserve this: Future Developers' Perception of Fairness in Algorithmic Decisions