Webinar – Toward Ethical AI (not more AI ethics)

Webinar – Toward Ethical AI (not more AI ethics)

About the topic

Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency – CyCAT inaugurates its online seminar series, with a presentation by Dr. Michael Rovatsos, Reader at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh, Director of the Bayes Centre and Partner of the CyCAT project coordinated by the  Open University of Cyprus.

The  “Toward Ethical Artificial Intelligence (not more AI ethics)” will be held on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 13.00 (GMT) / 15:00 (Cyprus) and is intended to engage researchers, academics, students and developers. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a 15-minute open discussion. 

Presentation abstract:

While the issue of AI ethics is receiving more and more attention, as adoption of AI technologies in real-world applications is growing immensely, a lot of the discussion is dominated by conceptual and speculative claims and analyses of how we can make sure future AI benefits humanity. Within the AI community, however, it is widely acknowledged that concrete, technical solutions are needed that actually make AI itself behave ethically. In this seminar, Professor Rovatsos will discuss some general issues surrounding ethical problems in AI, and present preliminary work on ethical self-regulation of users in online platforms with a focus on algorithmic fairness.   

About CyCAT and the series:

The Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) is hosted at the Open University of Cyprus, the second public university in Cyprus and the only one dedicated to open and distance education. We collaborate with other researchers internationally and have recently teamed up with four leading universities across Europe and Israel through an H2020 Twinning grant. Our team holds key expertise in the algorithmic processes involved in information access, user interactions with algorithmic systems, user-system interaction, as well as the social and cultural implications of algorithmic processes.

The CyCAT research seminar series is open to participants worldwide. Its goal is to promote the understanding of algorithmic transparency and accountability, and to network with other professionals and researchers working in the area.

CyCAT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon
2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant
Agreement No. 810105.