CyCAT Closing Event

The Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) and the Open University of Cyprus (OUC), as the coordinating organization of the Horizon 2020 Widespread Twinning Project “CyCAT,” are pleased to announce that the CyCAT Closing Event took place on the 1st of December at the Hilton Nicosia with great success.

The Closing Event was held under the auspices of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Prof. Stavros Stavrou, (Dean of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, OUC) addressed the event with an opening greeting. Dr. Jahna Otterbacher, the Coordinator of CyCAT, presented the outcomes of the project, followed by interactive panels and presentations that explored the topic of algorithmic transparency in the context of Cypriot society.

Prof. Michalinos Zembylas (Dean of the School of Economics and Management, OUC) was the moderator of the first Panel discussion entitled “Algorithmic literacy and public oversight”. The panelists included Dr. Miranda Christou (Associate Professor, University of Cyprus), Dr. Frank Hopfgartner (Senior Lecturer, The University of Sheffield (UK)) and Dr. Athena Michaelidou (Director, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute).

The second panel explored the relationship between Algorithmic Transparency and innovation, and was moderated by Prof. Michael Rovatsos (The University of Edinburgh (UK), Deputy Vice-Principal of Research (AI), Director of The Bayes Centre). The contributors to the second panel were Prof. Tsiv Kuflik (The University of Haifa (ISRAEL)), Dr. Efstathios Stavrakis (Co-founder, Senior Scientist and Algorithms Engineer at Algolysis LTD), and  Dr. Christina Orphanidou (Head of Data and Artificial Intelligence Lab, PwC Cyprus). 


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